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Why you need a classic car wedding

Our classic cars allow you to make the grand entrance that you have always wanted from your wedding – you can also leave in the same style if you would like. With so much effort and elegance going into every aspect of your special day, adding a classic car can only make it even better; you’ll be able to impress your guests and turn their heads as you approach the venue in luxury.

Many of our classic cars have a rich and vintage theme to them that can perfectly suit the tone of your day – a traditional wedding warrants a traditional vehicle, after all. You just never know when you might have another chance to hire a classic 1977 Mercedes or a 1988 Morgan. On top of this, the wedding photos will surely be even more special with a vintage motor in the background.

MGB Roadster (British Racing Green)

A day to remember forever

There is a reason why people often describe weddings as their special day – you could easily never have another like it. That is why you must make the most of it; you should take every measure you can to make the day as unforgettable as possible. This includes transportation; your guests will remember the way you first arrive at your wedding.

Convenience is at the heart of Classic Cars Hire, which is why we can collect the car and take it off of your hands, or you can instead drive away in it and return it to us afterwards. As mentioned above, you won’t need a chauffeur – we find that it is not only more flexible to drive it yourself but also far more fun and enjoyable.

A wide selection

Our classic cars come from all the best brands across many decades of automobile ingenuity – we keep all the vehicles we stock in the best condition. Some of them may be unconventional for weddings, but we would not want to put limits on the wedding car of your dreams.

Our vehicles include, but are not limited to:

MGB Roadster (Red)

From €350/day

Porsche Boxster

From €450/day

BMW 325 Cabriolet

From €450/day

All of this and more is available to you when Classic Cars Hire is part of your wedding day.

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