Morgan 4/4

(Connaught Green) 2-Seater

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Morgan 4/4 (Connaught Green) 2-Seater

From €395 /day

  • Connaught Green. Year: 1988
  • 2-Seater
  • Black Soft top with Black interior.
  • Classic Minilite Wheels
  • 1600cc engine with a 5-speed manual transmission.
  • Loves a Good Wedding Day Out.
  • aka “Connie” – She Loves a Good Wedding Day.
  • Equally happy touring Irish country roads.


Morgan is one of the last remaining independent car manufacturers in the world and their unique designs and craftsmanship make their cars some of the most collectable and valuable on the market. If you’re looking for an unforgettable driving experience for your special occasion, the Morgan 4/4 2-seater is a perfect choice.

The hand-built Morgan 4/4 2-seater was first made in 1936 and has been produced ever since. The car has a simple interior and exterior design with a wooden frame and canvas roofing.

Finished in Connaught green, with a soft black top and a black interior, this stylish motor is perfect for anyone who wants to experience classic British motoring and arrive at a special occasion with an air of style and sophistication. Contact us today about hiring this fantastic car for your event. No matter where you drive in this car, you’re guaranteed to have all eyes on you.

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