Mini Cooper

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Mini Cooper

From €325 /day

  • Colour: Red with Black roof – Original Period colour with Red interior.
  • Back in 1964, Irish Rally driver Paddy Hopkirk made history winning the Monte Carlo rally in a Mini Cooper.
  • This is not the exact car but a very good replica – Great fun awaits!!


The classic original Mini Cooper was first produced in 1959 and continued to be made until 2000. It was a small, affordable car that was popular for its fuel efficiency and compact size, and today is highly prized for its classic retro looks and unrivalled, fun driving performance.

The original Mini Cooper was red with a black roof and came with a red interior – just like our replica. The car was very popular and won the Monte Carlo rally in 1964 when driven by our own Irish rally driver Paddy Hopkirk.

This car is not the actual car that Paddy drove, but it is a very close replica. You can experience the thrill that Paddy had at Monte Carlo yourself by hiring it from us; it will be the most fun you will have all year!

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